How It Works

Virtual Number configuration options

Each of Virtual Number can be configured with these options:
  • SIP IP phone

  • ipphone

    Any SIP IP phone can be connected directly to MyVNumber

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  • To existing phone number

  • phone

    Virtual Number can be connected to your existing landline or mobile phone number

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  • PBX telephony server/system

  • server

    Virtual number can be connected to your PBX server/system (SIP, IAX2, H323)

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  • SIP SoftPhone

  • softphone

    Any PC running SIP SoftPhone can be connected directly to MyVNumber

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  • SIP SmartPhone mobile App

  • smartphone

    Virtual number can be connected to SIP SmartPhone mobile App

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  • Existing VOIP provider (ITSP)

  • voipprovider

    Virtual Number can be connected to your existing VOIP provider

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All these options are available under Cloud Phone System platform, which comes FREE by ordering at least one virtual number.

Cloud Phone System is a revolutionary platform, with user friendly interface allows for everyone to have their own PBX system. It is powerful tool for managing and directing inbound and outbound phone calls. Unique user interface is specifically designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, with drag-and-drop objects being logically connected together to define the operation of your cloud phone system


Example of Cloud Phone System platform configuration

office pbx


Introducing video


Cloud Phone System features

  • Local Numbers

  • pic1

    Incoming calls from one or many local numbers

  • Destinations

  • pic2

    Calls forwarded to any phone number (landline or mobile) or VoIP

  • Multiple

  • 3

    Calls forwarded to multiple destinations simultaneously or by predefined order

  • IVR

  • 4

    Full IVR facilities, with calls being transferred directly to extensions or voicemail as required

  • Voicemail

  • 5

    Voicemail messages being sent to selected email addresses

  • Time Routing

  • 6

    Ring and hunt groups, with time-based call routing

  • DISA

  • 7

    Dial tone access for outbound calls via local number

  • Playback

  • 8

    Message recording and playback, including file uploading and text-to-speech facilities

  • Fax2email

  • 9

    Fax reception, with forwarding to email

  • Conference

  • pic10

    Conference rooms, hosting multiple participants with full privacy

  • Notifications

  • 11

    Notification of selected events via email or SMS, with intelligent variables throughout the call flow

  • Blacklists

  • 12

    Blacklists for blocking unwanted callers

  • Recording

  • 13

    Phone calls may be recorded and sent to a predefined email address as an attachment after the termination of each call

  • CLI routing

  • pic14

    Caller-ID based routing on partial or full number matches

  • SIP registration

  • pic15

    Sip Device Registration and Internal Extension Dialing