DID Virtual Numbers in Kuala Lumpur


MyVNumber provides local access numbers for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (prefix: 60-3). A local Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (prefix: 60-3) DID Virtual Number may be interconnected with different destinations available in our service options. Destination may be changed at any time via Your MyVNumber account.


DID Number price:

Monthly price for Kuala Lumpur Malaysia DID Virtual Phone Number: 13.34 USD (No set Up Fees!)




Restrictions and Requirements for Malaysia DID numbers:
1. Name, business name and contact phone numbers.
2. Passport or ID copy. In case registration process is performed under a company name,
the company registration certificate shall be provided instead of passport or ID copy.
3. Local address in the same country as DID ordered.
4. Proof of address form (copy of utility bill no older than 6 months).

Two default channels are included in DID monthly price