About Us

MyVNumber is all about you and your Voice over IP (VoIP) telecom services. Strong background in telecommunications and highly qualified team is our key element to success and great customer satisfaction. No matter what your needs are, MyVNumber is one stop shop for world-wide virtual numbers, voice termination to any destination and feature rich Cloud Phone System to suit your business needs.

The team of founders have been in VoIP telecom business since early 2009 and till now our main focus is to provide the best service to companies like yours: SME enterprises, call centers, ITSPs, calling card companies, conference operators, local business offices, retail users and many more.

Numerous of great applications have been created using MyVNumber services and many great companies trust their telecommunication needs to MyVNumber.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, we are always about quality and problem solving in innovative way. The constant infrastructure upgrades and ways of optimizing operations allows our customers in more than 80 countries to grow together.

Our Specialization

Business/Office Telephony Solutions

Support Centers Telephony Solutions

Value Added Services For ITSP Providers

Retail/Home Telephony Solutions

Our History

Since 2009 there were many events, just a few of the most memorable in our company's history

2009 - Virtual numbers market and PBX systems for commercial users


2012 - MyVNumber services introduced to public. First version of site with online ordering
2013 - Cloud/Flash PBX phone system platform added to a broad basket of services


2014 - Lightning breakthrough of Cloud/Flash PBX phone system platform.
2015 - New version of site. New design, functions and new management portal


2016 (beginning) - Virtual phone numbers coverage widely expanded